Vacation time... is truly the best time of the year!




Be inspired by the diversity of our region. Whether active, recreational or family holiday our versatile suggestions and recommendations ensure your very personal holiday happiness.

Immerse yourself in our holiday paradise on the Wörthersee and get a first impression. Enjoy the beauty of our region in all its facets.

The Mediterranean climate with the warm colors of the south, the crystal-clear Wörthersee with its wonderful lake mountain scenery and our Carinthian hospitality will enchant you.

Pure camping fun awaits you in our camping paradise at the Wörthersee!

As a camping guest, you can look forward to an idyllic atmosphere in the midst of blossoming nature in our 2.5 hectare camping eldorado with a total of approx. 150 pitches. Our private lake access to the crystal-clear Wörthersee is available to our guests free of charge in the immediate vicinity.


Our absolute summer hit!


We offer you for your holiday pleasure modern furnished apartments with covered terrace for max. 6 people. "Mobile Home" - the own small kingdom at the Wörthersee - these are perfect for families and smaller groups and prepare you an independent & unforgettable vacation.


We are looking forward to your visit!





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